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Bug events is integrated in a multidisciplinary group of communication, which adds value to its services proposal: from the conceptual creation of the event - always a differentiating story – to the development of all communication materials that support its implementation. Why "everyday a different story”?

What differentiates us? | Because each moment only happens once, each event is a unique opportunity that will not be repeated. It is our mission to make the most of every single event to create a positive experience that lasts in time. As a result, we guarantee the quality of an integrated work, with the right means to suit each project. Rather than just organizing events, we are in the process of building stories that tell the story of each brand, throughout its life cycle.

What do we propose? | We will help you design and implement integrated marketing events that produce return to your brand and your investment (ROI). Events play a key role in a balanced marketing plan. They allow us to bring together the right people in the same place, in an environment that is controlled by the brand, generating unique opportunities to communicate and strengthen relationships. There are several situations where you can count on Bug events to tell a differentiating story: • Conferences and congresses organization and management • Conventions and company meetings • Professional meetings • Theme events • Product launch • Team Building • Exhibitions and Fairs • Endomarketing