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Hip Magazine

Highly Important Pharmaceutical news Magazine Glamour, irreverence, daring and relevant.
This is the HIP universe. And it can be yours too. Exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare and wellness area, a new magazine that will expand your horizons. In all sort of directions.

HIP Magazine is much more than a magazine. It is a new point of view over the pharma industry, healthcare and wellness. We will become that lovely, attractive and glamorous voice, which will get inside your head. Intended, above all, to be relevant. You will be reading from top key players of this fierce market. With every new issue, refreshing opinions, articles and columns, will make you want more every month. And we will hunt down anything that is worthy of our ‘HIP’ title. We do not mean only Highly Important Pharmaceutical news. Oh, we mean business. An entire HIP world is coming to you, bursting with HIP people, HIP sounds, HIP temptations and everything you have been waiting for. Sounds too good to be true? Yes it is, and is tailor made for you.

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