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Bug Healthcare is an integrated advertising agency specialized in pharmaceutical industry,
health and well-being. What can we do for your brand?

Health Marketing & Advertising | The area of the pharmaceutical industry, health and well-being has everything to do with us: it seeks a cure and an improvement of life quality for patients, we create effective communications that deliver results for our clients. In essence we both seek a “happy ending” to our actions. How? Instead of a monologue-communication, we create communication that generates an active and open dialogue with your audience. An ad disappears, but a good story is remembered forever. And that is a job for true Brand Storytellers.

Health Strategy | How many times have you used the words "this story doesn’t make any sense?” As we believe that the best stories are those that follow a thread, we also believe that better communication comes from a good Brand Strategy narrative that traces the path of the brand and its characters: the products.

Medical Education | The scientific information the health professional receives is crucial in their training and perceptions of each product. The development projects of continuing medical education tailored to each brand are an excellent solution to achieve a privileged relationship between the prescriber and the brand. And that can only be achieved with a story well told, in a convincing and captivating way.

Digital Solutions | Nowadays, good stories don’t happen only on paper and on television screens. Join the generation Web 2.0 and discover what the world of Digital has to offer.