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Bug advertising is an integrated advertising agency dedicated to mass market consumer
brands & products. What can we do for your brand?

Advertising | "Taglines do not create effective brand stories. Brand stories create effective taglines." At Bug group we believe that a good brand is like a good story: it has striking characters, the products; and a plot, the marketing plan. Yet it is how the "story" of the brand is told that will make it a"best seller" among their audiences. And that is when the Brand Storytellers step into action.

Brand Strategy | How good is it to have the best actors – the products – if ends don’t meet when you tell the story? The best communication is like a good movie. Always has a good script - the Brand Strategy - that traces the narrative of the brand and the path their characters (the products) will take.

Digital Solutions | Communication for and with the Web 2.0 generation is a completely
different story. Consumers are looking for what they want, they have more time for themselves and if
they like what they see, they will share it with all their friends (and the message must be passed to 25 friends in the next hour or something horrible will happen…). So if you want to be "in", first you’d
better be “on (line)."

Canon | Naming, Image and Event

Canon decided to support the portuguese film students through a short movies competition.
Bug Group named it “Frame 1” and created the visual image, communication campaign
and the event where the winners were announced.

ordem dos engenheiros

Canon | Social Media and Advertising

“Photographing means sharing” In order to promote Canon’s compact digital cameras,
Bug Group created a Facebook campaign, aiming to raise the interaction between Facebook
users and the brand. We asked people to share their pictures according to theme colours
(a product feature). This action was advertised on websites with big web traffic.

hip magazine

Portuguese Order of the Engineer | Brand Activation

The Portuguese Order of the Engineer was present at one of the most important pre-graduate meetings. We designed an attractive stand with digital solutions to inform the students about the advantages of becoming a member. The strategy was a success as the Order got hundreds of subscriptions.


Let’s Go Travel | Brochuras

Brief | To communicate the launch of a new tourist operator in the Premium segment.
Insight | Let’s Go Travel made an investment in its human resources, so that the clients
would feel they were travelling with the best “company” possible.
Solution | We showed that a dream world could be found at the hands of Let’s Go Travel.

banco best

Coolmedia | Mupis Campaign

To communicate the partnership between Coolmedia and Bug Group, we created a mupis
campaign for Abu Dhabi. The mupis structure included a water refreshing display,
so we played with the idea that fresh minds go further.

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